Hypnotherapist Lori has always loved helping people help themselves and she believes that most everyone already has within them – the knowledge, the information and the answers to their own issues.  She also, understands how going within through Hypnotherapy Releases more Stress enabling you to find your own Positive Changes that are just waiting for You .

She specializes in Motivative Stress Release, Smoking Cessation and Weight Reduction with much success using Motivational Hypnotherapy methods to access individual information required to re-direct Positive Change in all of her clients.

Since she battled with and resolved bulimia herself, years ago, she has much experience with overcoming habits while understanding the relationship between weight issues and emotional eating. This helped her to also, become more knowledge about the better health choices available that we all have the opportunity to make in our own Life’s.

Lori really enjoys the Guided Imagery and Visualization that she uses along with Hypnosis for her clients to reduce stress, anxiety, anger, to build confidence and for goal enhancement.  Her other experience includes working with clients on fears and phobias, frustrations, habit control, pain management, assertive skills, past life aggression and sleeping disorders.

She is continually expanding her knowledge of the modalities she uses in Guided Imagery, Handwriting Analysis, Dream Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT.  She also has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild for the past nine years and she was certified by the AFL-CIO Local Hypnotherapist Union.

Lori understands and lives by the concept that if you change your beliefs – your thoughts change and if you believe you can, then you will but one must focus on what they want and not on what they don’t want, that is the key.  This has gained her much success with all her clients and also in her own life.

Lori is a great motivator, in that she is able to tap into the potential of all of her clients.  She has been a Fitness Trainer, and she has worked in many aspects of TV and Film including Acting and Writing.  She also has an extreme love for Photography which she uses to explore and capture the many wonderful momentary images of life.

Education and Training

The Art Institute of Dallas Commercial and Graphic Arts – Dallas, Texas

Associates Degree of Applied Sciences – North Lake College – Irving, Texas

Certified Fitness Trainer, Bailey’s Fitness Center –                                                                                                                          Manhattan, New York

Motivative Hypnotherapist – Hypnosis Motivation Institute, The First Accredited School of Hypnotherapy – Tarzana, California

Additional Certifications

Stop Smoking Certification – Certified by, The American Hypnosis Association

Past-Life Regression Certification – Certified by, The American Hypnosis Association

Modality Training

Guided Imagery, Handwriting Analysis, Dream Therapy, Nero-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

– Member of The National Association of Professional Women –

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