On the Place we call Home – Earth, also, known as Gaia, another name for Earth that comes from Greek mythology, referring to the Earth Goddess.  Gaia, pronounced “Guy – uh” a beautiful name for this wonderful Planet that we get to inhabit.  It is a Planet like no other (that we know of, at this time) and if you have been to one that is more amazing – Please, do let me know about it.

We are so fortunate to be here to have this place to live and it’s really great to be connecting with more and more like-minded people who share the same realization.

As humans, we get to experience the many different opportunities our Planet offers us, and at the same time, have been given the abilities to change our experiences to the better.

Right now, I feel, see, sense and know that we are living in a time of Great Change and true discovery.  It is a time for many who have either been depressed, unhappy, angry, sad, fearful or even lost to realize and know their purpose in Life.  When we allow ourselves to have more peace and calm, it enables a better connect with our true self and that’s when change happens.  As these new changes become part of your everyday life, it can start to make you realize what is missing.

The many great changes taking place have created an awakening and with the recent effect that the Movie, Avatar has had – the longing for inner peace and calm is even more evident.

This amazing movie, creatively produced with such symbolic wisdom, shows that even though it takes place in the future where overgrown cat like natives live in heightened states of spiritual harmony, on Planet Pandora – it really is not much different than our own Planet. (figuratively speaking, that is)

Through the journey of the characters in this movie, the audience has gotten a glimpse of what more peace, calm and serenity looks and feels like and many are craving more.  They great thing is that most all of us already have the ability within ourselves to make this happen and after seeing this movie, I couldn’t stop thinking about how we really can create our own type of Pandora, right here on Earth…

Then, what motivated me more to write about this, was a recent connection with a new like-minded Friend on Facebook who had sent out a very interesting note.  The information in her note talked about the deep symbolism in this movie and we chatted about how we both related to it so well.  Even though she had received this information from another Friend, she was so excited to be sharing it since, it had helped her understand her own thoughts even better and I am so glad she did.

The information in the note, was written by Ada Monola, and she talked about “the many hidden messages… or maybe not so hidden for people who are aware…” then she shared her opinion about what she saw in these hidden messages.

The rest of this information could be a spoiler for those who have not seen this movie, but who has not seen this wonderful film, yet ?

I was able to see most of the same messages but what surprised me, was that I was not aware of something that is now, so obvious.  When she talked about the Heroes in the Movie, it immediately got my attention and what I read next, almost left me breathless.  She said, “The heroes are set in hypnosis mode in order to connect with their avatars… we meditate, we ‘put in sleep’ our vehicle (the body) so we can connect with the avatar within us (our Soul, who is Divine – an avatar -)”

Wow, I thought – what an amazing way to describe the most important symbolic message of this whole movie and in such a beautiful way !!!  Then, I thought – of course hypnosis…that is exactly what they had used and how did I not see it, something I know so well.

That is how great this movie is – the peace and harmony on Pandora contrasted with the cruel reality of life is so captivating that it has overloaded those so deeply effected.  And it seems, many are still trying to figure out what they are feeling about it.

Have you heard about the avatar effect, (click here to read more) also, know as the avatar blues.  It is a type of post depression from the deep feelings felt about this movie and it is causing many to have a hard time with their reality ?

Notice, I said, their reality – since, we have the ability within to change our own reality for the better.  This ability is there and it is just waiting to be released and Hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to make this happen.

Hypnosis is just a deepened state of relaxation that occurs naturally when your mind is being overloaded with message units, much like watching a movie.  The guided imagery and visualization that send the message units offer suggestions to slow your breathing and that enables more stress release, much like watching a movie.

During a session you are still conscious but the messages units that distract the conscious part of the mind cause your thoughts to go deeper.  These deepening thoughts that are relaxing you, are also opening up the subconscious part of your mind more and that is where you decide which suggestions to believe or not believe.  This is much like the effect that Avatar has had but the most very important difference is that during a Hypnotherapy session, only Positive suggestions are used.

So, it seems the positive suggestions taken from this movie created a healthy desire for more, which is great, but many of those, so deeply affected, are not aware of how to experience this again.  Also, their negative thoughts might have them thinking that they had nothing to do with what they had felt since, it occurred watching a fictitious movie of make-believe.

I can’t speak for all of the people going through this but I do know that most all of us have the ability to create more peace, calm and serenity in our lives.  It might not be like the Planet Pandora, in the Movie Avatar, but you can get to that place to release more stress to find your own peace and calm within.  When your mind becomes more quiet, you are able to hear better what your soul has to offer and that is what allows you to know your passions.

Many people I have been connecting with are happily living their Passions with much peace and serenity and some of the others are beginning to discover this even more.  These are the people who know – you gotta do what it takes, to get to where you want to be and this gives me much hope that more people are understanding that, if you really want something – you have to be willing to do the work to get it.

And for those who are not quite ready, yet – that is O.K. too, everybody finds their own way to deal with change.  I love it when people come to me and I get to motivate them further but ultimately, they are the ones who have to really want it.

So, if you are searching for some positive things that might be missing in your life – you want them and also, know there will be some work to do, then, it is a good idea to find other ways to release more stress – and it’s as simple as Breathing…

This is the easy work to get your going in the right direction – learning how to Breath Better can make Your whole Life Better and the link below, Breath Better Now, will take you to a Simple Video that will motivate your further.

Breath Better Now

My next blog posting will give you more ways to continue to go within by learning Simple Self-Hypnosis Techniques – Here is the link to the next posting: http://www.hypnovator.com/who-is-the-most-important-person-in-your-life/Click Here

More Motivation to You All –

Lori Thomas

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