How many Like Minded Friends have You been Connecting with through Facebook and other Social Media Sites ?

How many have You done Business with, Partnered up, done Projects with and how many of them do you know that you would just Love to be Better Friends with ?

Have you ever thought about Meeting, Socializing or do Business with these Good Friends in Person or having a Chance to meet even more Like Minded Friends at a Gathering, all in one Place ?

If Social Media has Changed your Life so much for the Better, like it has mine, then, of course you have thought about some of these things about those Like Minded Friends you have been Connecting with.

That is why, I Partnered up with Two other Like Minded Facebook Friends, to organize an Event where all of Our and Your Like Minded Friends could meet Together, all in one Place.

The ” Your Social Net Connect Event ” is a Chance to Meet those Great Friends from Social Media that You have been wanting to Meet and Socialize with Live and in Person.

It is going to be in Sunny Los Angeles, CA –
October 15th, 16th, and 17th
and we want Those of You to be There, that really Want to take Advantage of this Exciting but Causal Social and Business opportunity.

To get more Information about this Event and to Registration for this Event, Go to the Link Below:

Also, Go to the Event Page on Facebook to Join this Event & Interact with Us there and the other Attendees by Clicking HERE

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