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New Monthly Maintenance Program, For You –

Hypnotherapy just works, I have seen life changing proof in each client that has given me the opportunity to help them release stress, get more motivated and change for the better.  

Kim, who lives in Norway, had this to say – ” I am very satisfied with Lori’s long distance hypnotheraphy sessions. I have improved my diet, sleep much better and in general, feel that I’m on a better track.  No doubt, I can thank Lori’s excellent therapy sessions for this success.”

As we worked on several issues, over the course of six months, I saw how this consistant connection with Kim helped get faster resluts.   The committment that he made to himself resulted in specific changes for the better which inspired me to start a Monthly Maintenance Program – 

So, I am offering weekly sessions that are personalized to your specific needs for one low Monthly price and we can work over the Phone or Skype.    

Any questions, just ask – send me a message, leave a comment below…                        

or call 1-877-272-9718  for your free consultation –                                                                           

Since this is a new Program, I am offering the lowest price now.



Change for the Better is Good –

As a Hypnotherapist, the main thing I talk about to clients and others, who want more information, is Releasing Stress and Change for the Better.  Change is good, right, and change for the better, is even better.

So, when I read “Outside the Box” an article, in The New Yorker, about the future of  Television and how Netflix and the Internet are affecting these big changes, it confirmed what I and many others already knew.

We also know that one of the best things, about these changes, is the flexiblity of when and how we watch the shows, programs and movies that we love.  I was also happy to read about what some of top Television industry people think and how they feel about these changes too.

Change is always taking place, it is inveitable, I love change and one of the best changes I made in my life is not having a TV or cable for almost three years now.  My life is much better because of that but don’t get me wrong, I love to watch many different TV programs, sitcoms and movies and I really appreciate the innovations that Netflix and Hulu and other on-demand internet streaming media sites have to offer.

I hope you already read or will read the article “Outside the Box” and you can let me know what you think about these important changes that are taking place, by replying in the comment section in the top right corner or below.

Here is the link to the article again – “Outside the Box

Thanks for reading my blog post and please feel free to comment in the comment section, at the bottom of the post where it says, leave a reply or the top right corner where it says, leave your comment . 

Lori Thomas

The Hypnovator

Also, if you would like more information about Change for the Better that can occur in your personal life, you can read my ebook “Go Within, Release Stress & Change for the Better Now “ that is available on

Here is the link to my ebook  below –

“Go Within, Release Stress & Change for the Better Now”


Author, Marianne Williamson is so Brave

When I saw the post on my Facebook newsfeed about author Marianne Williamson running for the 33rd congressional district, in California, I was overwhelmed with excitement and thought, it is about time.

It also, gave me so much hope for the kind of change I have been wanting to see.

Then, when I watched her interview with Larry King on PoliticKING , I was so impressed by her strength and resolve and realized how brave she is for taking this on.  In regards to our present government, she talked about how “People power is stronger than Institutional power” and that “As long as you put economic values in front of humanitarian values, you have lost your ethical center”.

That is exactly how I feel and what I believe has to change and I have hope again – Thank you, Marianne for being so brave and putting yourself out there to make a, long overdue, huge difference.

The main reason, I believe in Marianne is that she has done the spiritual work herself, she has put in the time and worked on herself and that is why she writes wonderful inspirational books that help her readers to do the same.

I believe, we all have the ability to make a positive difference and by working on your own self, your own individual issues, that is how we continue to make things change for the better.

Since, I have been working on my own issues, for many years, I know how putting in time to work on You, the most important person in your life, can change everything and my ebook, “Go Within, Release Stress & Change for the Better Nowcan help you with your own change for the better.  It is a short easy read that has basic simple tools to motivate you to continue working on yourself.

It also, explains how easy and simple Hypnotherapy and Phone Hypnotherapy works to release stress that helps you change issues, that could be holding you back.

I believe, we all must continue changing ourselves for the better to make things in our whole world change for the better and that is why I wrote this book.

My ebook is available on, to get more information about it click here or link below:

Go Within, Release Stress & Change for the Better Now  


Lori Thomas

The Hypnovator



Happy New Year with excitment for 2013…

Was 2012 a crazy year or what ? Everyone I know, including, myself has gone through so much. I have heard some wild things from friends, family and my clients. Huge life altering changes have been going on in people’s lives that left many of us wondering what and why is this happening. I have heard some unbelievable and amazing things that happened to change love and friend relationships, careers and family dynamics.

It seems, either we heard about the life altering changes happening to others, read about it, or we ourselves went through more than we read or heard about. There were times when I really did not know if I was going to make it through, seriously…it was a tough year.

How about you ? Maybe, you don’t even want to think about those tough times but the thing is, there are lessons to be learned through it all. You don’t have to rehash the difficult times but what did you learn from it all – That one thing that stands out from all the good and not so good things, from this past year, what was the main lesson ?

What I keep hearing from others and seeing for myself, is self love. We are learning to really put ourselves first. To really do it and doesn’t it feel so good ?

I was good at motivating my client’s to be the “most important person” in their own life but I was not doing it completely myself. Just like some of you, I had to go through my own problems, issues and craziness to get it. Now, I put myself first and things are “a changing” and I want to tell you more about how you can do this for yourself and keep doing it for yourself.

You have to first, release the stress that holds you back and then, get motivated to really apply self loving acts of kindness toward yourself.
This can all be done through Hypnotherapy and I do Phone Hypnotherapy Sessions so, you can be anywhere in the world to have a session via Skype or over the Phone.
To understand Hypnotherapy better and see client testimonials click the video link Here.

Here is the January offer for You –
Two Phone Hypnotherapy Sessions for the Price of less than one. You get Two Personalized Phone Sessions that Release Stress and together we work on motivation to put yourself first and work on the issues that you have been wanting to change for the better.

One Regular Priced Phone Session is $ 110.00 and I am lowering that to $77.00 and then, giving you an additional Phone Session for Free.
This New Year Special is only for the month of January and I am booking appointments already –

Get in on this Special Now so you can put yourself first and take care of you – be in a great place now to be able to take care of those other important people in your life even better.

When you take care of yourself first, all the other people in your life benefit from it, as well.

Two Phone Hypnotherapy Sessions for only $ 77.00

Call Now to get your Free Consultation and book your Sessions –

You can call toll free Now 1-877-272-9718

So excited, to be on the FatNoMoSho doing Weight Reduction Hypnotherapy with Krystle Klein, the producer of the show.

Watch the video at the link below or click Here to see how simple Hypnotherapy is, how it works and how it can also, help you –

The Fat No Mo Show  –

Guided Imagery & Visualization

You can Imagine and Visualize, right ?   Most all of us can –

For Hypnotherapy and or Hypnosis to be affective, there must be some Imagery and or Visualization taking place in your mind.  Visualization is the seeing of an activity in the mind but Imagery is experiencing the activity in the mind with all, most or some of the senses involved – actually doing it, as if being part of it.

Imagery is a right brain activity which means it is a creative process verses the left brain which is the analytical side.  Imagery is a flexible approach that strengthens the Nero Pathways, the brain responders, so by using Guided Imagery one can practice in the mind seeing and doing what one wants to be, change or accomplished.

Here is an example of a Guided Imagery used during Hypnotherapy:

First, sit in a comfortable position and start to get relaxed by taking three deep long breaths and then three more, keep focusing on your breathing, until you feel more relaxed.  Continue breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, each breath brings peace and calm as you breathe out old used energy that you no longer need.

Now, with your eyes closed, start to visualize and or imagine in your mind that you have arrived at your favorite place in the world.  This could be any place that is safe, calm, relaxing and beautiful – you decide where it is – or create it now.

It could be a place you have been before or a place that you want to visit or where you are right now – you decide.

Now, be there as you begin to feel the breeze, the air, as you smell the smells and hear all of the sounds around you.

What colors do you see, who is there with you, what animals or beings do you see or are you alone? – you decide.

What does the ground feel like, the air the water the trees, are there any trees, mountains, valleys or are you inside?

Now, what do you feel – the positive feelings inside your body?  Calm, relaxed, happy, free, joyous, peaceful, creative, focused, powerful, out of your body…

Keep feeling the positive aspects while staying in this place – enjoy this brief time of solitude as your continue to be good to yourself.

Be aware of your breathing as you continue to take deep long breaths into you belly and exhale slowly as your mind continues to drift.

Enjoy this time as long as you possibly can with each deliberate, slow wonderful and powerful breath to the next one (take time here to just sit and become even more relaxed as you let your mind wonder from one wonderful thought to the next).

Continue to be in this place of peace and harmony as you begin to see and know that you can make anything happen that you wish, you are in control here and you can work on anything that you would like to change for the better, right now.

See what it is that you have been wanting to change, what is it that you desire to make better in your life, right now ?  See yourself doing it and having the things that you know you deserve and allow yourself to have these wonderful things that you have been wanting and wishing for.  See yourself doing these things and having these things and enjoying the benefits of these positive changes that you desire.

Feel the change and allow the changes to continue to happen as you thank yourself for giving this opportunity a chance to happen so quickly – a chance to have those things that you know are yours to enjoy.  They have been there inside you just waiting to be release and now, you are allowing them to happen and be real.

Alright, as you see how wonderful you are, you also know how powerful and how in control you have the ability to be – Now, as you continue to deep breath, start to bring your awareness back to this place where you are in your body at this time and bring yourself here and now back to the present.

Begin to open your eyes and feel your body where you are and count up from 0 to 5 – 0,1,2,3,4, and 5 eyes open wide awake. 1,2,3,4,5 eyes open wide awake.  Now, continue to enjoy this peace and calm as you go through your day and remember that you are the one that allows things to happen in your life the way that you wish them to be.  So, wish for great wonderful things to happen, always –

Written by Lori Thomas, The Hypnovator @ 2010

Hypnotherapy works, it just does…

Throughout the last six weeks, I have been blogging about some of the things that I know best about – Stress Release and Change for the Better.

Stress is one thing that I have lots of experience dealing with and I actually use to think stress was a good thing – having stress and drama kept me going and busy during my early 20’s and 30’s. To me, it was cool to be so busy that you did not even have time for yourself – just do and do, go and go and stay busy, no matter way.

Of course, when we are are younger, it is more natural to be this way – work hard and play harder but when you don’t have some balance, you do end up paying for it. We see it all the time, with busy people that eventually burn out and get so sick, it forces them to take a break and then, they have to make some big changes in their Life.

Eight and a half years ago, this is what happened to me, all the stress that had been building over the years, finally made me so sick, I ended up in the emergency room in tremendous pain with lots of fear. It took several of the ten days, I was in the Hospital, for the doctors to even figure out what was wrong and then, more days to decide what they where going to do about my situation.

Since, I was not able to sleep much, the whole time there, I had lots of time to think while taking somewhat of a break from everyday life. This was a much needed break that I had been forced to take and it was not a fun one, as you might imagine. But more than anything, I just knew, I was going to be alright and get through it so, I could make some really big changes in my Life.

As long as I can remember, I had always been into being healthy and staying fit and up to this point, I had never really ever been sick but, at the same time, I was unaware of the effects that stress can have on the body, mind, soul and spirit.

So, through this illness and the surgery that made me better, I was forced to learn the hard way by enduring a lot of pain and suffering in the hospital and through five months of recovery.

While in the hospital, I ended up having to take some really strong drugs that made me even more sick but the one that I was most thankful for, was morphine – that drug is quite amazing and works wonders for pain. Now, I understand how, if taken too long and not regulated, that drug can be so very addictive. It was a rather strange process, after leaving the hospital and coming off of it and it got a bit scary one night, when I thought I had bugs crawling up my sleeves.

So, this whole, life altering, experience started me on my journey to get as much Stress out of my Life as possible. I went through years of trying different alternative methods and many things worked well but nothing and I mean nothing, has worked as quickly, easily and efficiently as Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

When I started going to school to become a Hypnotherapist, my Life began to change in big leaps and huge bounds. As I first started working on my self and then, others – I got the chance to experience, with all of my senses, (and some new senses that I learned how to use) the effects that this amazing modality has to offer.

Working with my clients, I also discovered how well, quickly and affective Phones Sessions can be – doing Hypnotherapy over the phone, in the comfortable of your own home. I love doing Phone Sessions and the results so far, have been so wonderfully effective and extremely positive.

I can’t talk enough about how wonderful Hypnotherapy is for Releasing Stress and Changing your Life for the Better and if you would like more proof, you can read my previous posting at these links below:

1. Avatar, the Movie & You
2. Who is the Most Important Person in Your Life ?
3. Sleep Better Natually
4. Your Dreams Say a Lot About You
5. Hypnotherapy Changes You for the Better

Now, what my hope for You is that you give it a chance so, you can know what I know and what my clients know. If you are ready to Release more Stress in your Life so, you can Change for the Better and or, if you are ready to work on some Issues that you would like to Change to the Positive or maybe, even get rid of all together, then this
Phone Hypnotherapy Session Special, is for You –

Since, Three Sessions are better than one or two for more reinforcement to make a Better You, I am offering:

Three Phone Hypnotherapy Sessions for the Price of Two

The next step to find out more about this Special and How
Phone Hypnotherapy can work for You, is to get Your
Free – No Obligation, Phone Consultation –

To receive this Free Consultation, just fill out this form below:

The Power to Change, is in Your own Hands…

The Power is in Your Own Hands -

Lori Thomas

Hypnotherapy Changes You for the Better

Are there some things in Your Life that You would like to Change for the Better, right Now ?

Would you like to just feel Better, Sleep Better, have less Stress in Your Life, Now ?

Hypnotherapy and Phone Hypnotherapy works so well and quickly to Change those things in Your Life that you have been wanting to Change. Not only have I experienced this in my own Life but I have seen and continue to get to see how this amazing modality works to make Positive Change happen with all of my Clients.

Listed below are the most common Issues that Hypnotherapy and Phone Hypnotherapy works to Change, overcome and or eliminate:

Stress & Anxiety
Weight Reduction
Eating Disorders
Stop Smoking
Test Anxiety
Habit Control
Build Confidence
Motivation Skills
Assertive Skills
Fears & Phobias
Anger Management
Guilt and Frustration
Memory Improvement
Relationship Improvement
Goal Enhancement
Sports Performance
*Pain Management
*Mild Depression

*Some may require a Medical or Psychological Referral

Most of us have probably heard about People using Phone Psychics to know what Changes may be occurring in their Future but not quite as many, have heard about how Hypnotherapy Sessions over the Phone work to allow Positive Changes to happen the way you would like them to.

Phone Hypnotherapy Sessions take place in your own environment, at home, which automatically makes you more comfortable and since, you initially will be listening only – it allows all your other senses to become heightened, as well.

When You are more comfortable and all your senses are heightened, that enables you to go deeper into the subconscious part of your mind where change takes place. And that is all Hypnotherapy is really – just a deepened state of Relaxation, that enables more access to the subconscious part of your mind.

Did You know that Your Positive Changes are already there inside You just waiting to be Released ? Well, they are and that is why Hypnotherapy works so quickly. You already know your own individual answers to those questions about your Changes for the Better and Hypnotherapy just reminds you and confirms what they are.

Also, if you are not quite ready to look at those answers, Hypnotherapy can motivate You to get more Ready and the Stress Release it brings allows You to find those Changes within Yourself, easily and very quickly.

Now, if you would like to know what is going on in your Mind while in a Hypnotherapy Session, or a theory about what is taking place – my Video “A Theory to Think About” explains that Better for you.

Just watch the Video below, to know more about a Theory of Your Mind –
Here is a link to the Video:

Click HERE for the Next Posting - There is an offer for You to have a chance to take more time for The Most Important Person in Your Life.

Are you ready to really be your own M.I.P. and Change some of those things that you have been wanting to Change for the Better ? Then, Here is Your Offer, that I am offering You, right Now -

For, the Posting before this Post click HERE, it is about Your Dreams.

Lori Thomas
The Hypnovator

Who is the Most Important Person in Your Life?

Did you say, “I am” – meaning You, yourself ? I do hope so, You are The Most Important person in your own Life, You really are, and the more you are there for yourself, the Better you can be there for those other important people in your Life.

One of the biggest concerns that I hear from some of my clients and others is that they are too busy to even make time, to take more time for themselves. Many people are overwhelmed with the activities in their life but we have to remember that, these activities are from our own creation – we had a lot to do with making them happen. We had the power to create them, therefore, we have the power to make them easier to deal with.

So, what do you think? Is it time to take your power back from those activities so, you can have more control over how they happen in our Life?

Maybe, so – you are the one that does know the answers to all of your questions, they are there within you and that is why I want you to become Your own Most Important Person so, you can Release more Stress to find those answers and be able to hear them more consistently.

In my last blog post, I talked about the Movie, Avatar and how we can create our own type of Pandora feeling right Here on Earth – it is a long post (which you can read in two parts) but it ended with a simple suggestion about how to take that first step in taking more time for yourself. It is something that we do already and have been doing since, birth – but not all of us do it in the best way. It is breathing and I posted my “Breathing Better” video to help and motivate you to do that.

Here is the link to that post: click Here and I hope, if you have not already – that you watch the video to take the first steps in taking more time for yourself. Then, after you get better at breathing – watch the next video, “Hypnosis By the Sea” posted below for your next step in becoming Your own Most Important Person.

It is a video showing you how to do Self-Hypnosis – it is very simple and easy to do and can be done anywhere, where you can create a quiet space for yourself – so, just click Here…

Since, I Love the Sea – I took advantage of the beautiful serenity that it has to offer by giving you a place, through this video, to come back to practice and also, enjoy – but remember…

You don’t have to be by the Sea – to be more free.

I do believe, do you, That it is Time to be Your Own M.I.P. -

Click Here - to read the posting before this one.

My next follow up post, will have more steps to keep you moving in the right direction...

It will be about Sleeping Better with Motivative Suggestions to help You get to Sleep faster and Sleep through out the night. Sleeping Better and working on your issues through your Dreams can Release even more Stress so, you can be Better at being Your own M.I.P -

Lori Thomas

The Hypnovator

Avatar The Movie & What We can do Here…

On the Place we call Home – Earth, also, known as Gaia, another name for Earth that comes from Greek mythology, referring to the Earth Goddess.  Gaia, pronounced “Guy – uh” a beautiful name for this wonderful Planet that we get to inhabit.  It is a Planet like no other (that we know of, at this time) and if you have been to one that is more amazing – Please, do let me know about it.

We are so fortunate to be here to have this place to live and it’s really great to be connecting with more and more like-minded people who share the same realization.

As humans, we get to experience the many different opportunities our Planet offers us, and at the same time, have been given the abilities to change our experiences to the better.

Right now, I feel, see, sense and know that we are living in a time of Great Change and true discovery.  It is a time for many who have either been depressed, unhappy, angry, sad, fearful or even lost to realize and know their purpose in Life.  When we allow ourselves to have more peace and calm, it enables a better connect with our true self and that’s when change happens.  As these new changes become part of your everyday life, it can start to make you realize what is missing.

The many great changes taking place have created an awakening and with the recent effect that the Movie, Avatar has had – the longing for inner peace and calm is even more evident.

This amazing movie, creatively produced with such symbolic wisdom, shows that even though it takes place in the future where overgrown cat like natives live in heightened states of spiritual harmony, on Planet Pandora – it really is not much different than our own Planet. (figuratively speaking, that is)

Through the journey of the characters in this movie, the audience has gotten a glimpse of what more peace, calm and serenity looks and feels like and many are craving more.  They great thing is that most all of us already have the ability within ourselves to make this happen and after seeing this movie, I couldn’t stop thinking about how we really can create our own type of Pandora, right here on Earth…

Then, what motivated me more to write about this, was a recent connection with a new like-minded Friend on Facebook who had sent out a very interesting note.  The information in her note talked about the deep symbolism in this movie and we chatted about how we both related to it so well.  Even though she had received this information from another Friend, she was so excited to be sharing it since, it had helped her understand her own thoughts even better and I am so glad she did.

The information in the note, was written by Ada Monola, and she talked about “the many hidden messages… or maybe not so hidden for people who are aware…” then she shared her opinion about what she saw in these hidden messages.

The rest of this information could be a spoiler for those who have not seen this movie, but who has not seen this wonderful film, yet ?

I was able to see most of the same messages but what surprised me, was that I was not aware of something that is now, so obvious.  When she talked about the Heroes in the Movie, it immediately got my attention and what I read next, almost left me breathless.  She said, “The heroes are set in hypnosis mode in order to connect with their avatars… we meditate, we ‘put in sleep’ our vehicle (the body) so we can connect with the avatar within us (our Soul, who is Divine – an avatar -)”

Wow, I thought – what an amazing way to describe the most important symbolic message of this whole movie and in such a beautiful way !!!  Then, I thought – of course hypnosis…that is exactly what they had used and how did I not see it, something I know so well.

That is how great this movie is – the peace and harmony on Pandora contrasted with the cruel reality of life is so captivating that it has overloaded those so deeply effected.  And it seems, many are still trying to figure out what they are feeling about it.

Have you heard about the avatar effect, (click here to read more) also, know as the avatar blues.  It is a type of post depression from the deep feelings felt about this movie and it is causing many to have a hard time with their reality ?

Notice, I said, their reality – since, we have the ability within to change our own reality for the better.  This ability is there and it is just waiting to be released and Hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to make this happen.

Hypnosis is just a deepened state of relaxation that occurs naturally when your mind is being overloaded with message units, much like watching a movie.  The guided imagery and visualization that send the message units offer suggestions to slow your breathing and that enables more stress release, much like watching a movie.

During a session you are still conscious but the messages units that distract the conscious part of the mind cause your thoughts to go deeper.  These deepening thoughts that are relaxing you, are also opening up the subconscious part of your mind more and that is where you decide which suggestions to believe or not believe.  This is much like the effect that Avatar has had but the most very important difference is that during a Hypnotherapy session, only Positive suggestions are used.

So, it seems the positive suggestions taken from this movie created a healthy desire for more, which is great, but many of those, so deeply affected, are not aware of how to experience this again.  Also, their negative thoughts might have them thinking that they had nothing to do with what they had felt since, it occurred watching a fictitious movie of make-believe.

I can’t speak for all of the people going through this but I do know that most all of us have the ability to create more peace, calm and serenity in our lives.  It might not be like the Planet Pandora, in the Movie Avatar, but you can get to that place to release more stress to find your own peace and calm within.  When your mind becomes more quiet, you are able to hear better what your soul has to offer and that is what allows you to know your passions.

Many people I have been connecting with are happily living their Passions with much peace and serenity and some of the others are beginning to discover this even more.  These are the people who know – you gotta do what it takes, to get to where you want to be and this gives me much hope that more people are understanding that, if you really want something – you have to be willing to do the work to get it.

And for those who are not quite ready, yet – that is O.K. too, everybody finds their own way to deal with change.  I love it when people come to me and I get to motivate them further but ultimately, they are the ones who have to really want it.

So, if you are searching for some positive things that might be missing in your life – you want them and also, know there will be some work to do, then, it is a good idea to find other ways to release more stress – and it’s as simple as Breathing…

This is the easy work to get your going in the right direction – learning how to Breath Better can make Your whole Life Better and the link below, Breath Better Now, will take you to a Simple Video that will motivate your further.

Breath Better Now

My next blog posting will give you more ways to continue to go within by learning Simple Self-Hypnosis Techniques – Here is the link to the next posting: Here

More Motivation to You All –

Lori Thomas

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