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Change for the Better is Good –

As a Hypnotherapist, the main thing I talk about to clients and others, who want more information, is Releasing Stress and Change for the Better.  Change is good, right, and change for the better, is even better.

So, when I read “Outside the Box” an article, in The New Yorker, about the future of  Television and how Netflix and the Internet are affecting these big changes, it confirmed what I and many others already knew.

We also know that one of the best things, about these changes, is the flexiblity of when and how we watch the shows, programs and movies that we love.  I was also happy to read about what some of top Television industry people think and how they feel about these changes too.

Change is always taking place, it is inveitable, I love change and one of the best changes I made in my life is not having a TV or cable for almost three years now.  My life is much better because of that but don’t get me wrong, I love to watch many different TV programs, sitcoms and movies and I really appreciate the innovations that Netflix and Hulu and other on-demand internet streaming media sites have to offer.

I hope you already read or will read the article “Outside the Box” and you can let me know what you think about these important changes that are taking place, by replying in the comment section in the top right corner or below.

Here is the link to the article again – “Outside the Box

Thanks for reading my blog post and please feel free to comment in the comment section, at the bottom of the post where it says, leave a reply or the top right corner where it says, leave your comment . 

Lori Thomas

The Hypnovator

Also, if you would like more information about Change for the Better that can occur in your personal life, you can read my ebook “Go Within, Release Stress & Change for the Better Now “ that is available on

Here is the link to my ebook  below –

“Go Within, Release Stress & Change for the Better Now”


Author, Marianne Williamson is so Brave

When I saw the post on my Facebook newsfeed about author Marianne Williamson running for the 33rd congressional district, in California, I was overwhelmed with excitement and thought, it is about time.

It also, gave me so much hope for the kind of change I have been wanting to see.

Then, when I watched her interview with Larry King on PoliticKING , I was so impressed by her strength and resolve and realized how brave she is for taking this on.  In regards to our present government, she talked about how “People power is stronger than Institutional power” and that “As long as you put economic values in front of humanitarian values, you have lost your ethical center”.

That is exactly how I feel and what I believe has to change and I have hope again – Thank you, Marianne for being so brave and putting yourself out there to make a, long overdue, huge difference.

The main reason, I believe in Marianne is that she has done the spiritual work herself, she has put in the time and worked on herself and that is why she writes wonderful inspirational books that help her readers to do the same.

I believe, we all have the ability to make a positive difference and by working on your own self, your own individual issues, that is how we continue to make things change for the better.

Since, I have been working on my own issues, for many years, I know how putting in time to work on You, the most important person in your life, can change everything and my ebook, “Go Within, Release Stress & Change for the Better Nowcan help you with your own change for the better.  It is a short easy read that has basic simple tools to motivate you to continue working on yourself.

It also, explains how easy and simple Hypnotherapy and Phone Hypnotherapy works to release stress that helps you change issues, that could be holding you back.

I believe, we all must continue changing ourselves for the better to make things in our whole world change for the better and that is why I wrote this book.

My ebook is available on, to get more information about it click here or link below:

Go Within, Release Stress & Change for the Better Now  


Lori Thomas

The Hypnovator



How many Like Minded Friends have You been Connecting with through Facebook and other Social Media Sites ?

How many have You done Business with, Partnered up, done Projects with and how many of them do you know that you would just Love to be Better Friends with ?

Have you ever thought about Meeting, Socializing or do Business with these Good Friends in Person or having a Chance to meet even more Like Minded Friends at a Gathering, all in one Place ?

If Social Media has Changed your Life so much for the Better, like it has mine, then, of course you have thought about some of these things about those Like Minded Friends you have been Connecting with.

That is why, I Partnered up with Two other Like Minded Facebook Friends, to organize an Event where all of Our and Your Like Minded Friends could meet Together, all in one Place.

The ” Your Social Net Connect Event ” is a Chance to Meet those Great Friends from Social Media that You have been wanting to Meet and Socialize with Live and in Person.

It is going to be in Sunny Los Angeles, CA –
October 15th, 16th, and 17th
and we want Those of You to be There, that really Want to take Advantage of this Exciting but Causal Social and Business opportunity.

To get more Information about this Event and to Registration for this Event, Go to the Link Below:

Also, Go to the Event Page on Facebook to Join this Event & Interact with Us there and the other Attendees by Clicking HERE

A New Year, A New Decade with more Time for…

A Better You !!!

Did you make any Resolutions this Year ? Did you know that most people who make New Year’s Resolutions, do not follow through with them and I just read in a recent article that “on average, 85 % of people that make them, do not keep them.”

First of all, I think it is really great if you did make some Resolutions – since, that means, you do know that you would like some type of changes to occur in your life and hopefully, they are Positive ones. It is a start, even if you are not following through with them as planned or having a hard time making them happen, at all.

Now, if your Resolutions are happening smoothly then, Here’s more Motivation to You – along with a reminder to always have some good “Mind tools” for those days when old ways of thinking could come back to trigger old behavior. “Mind tools” (a term that I think, I just made up while writing this) are motivative thinking anchors that reinforce new changes and they are personalized to fit the issues of each Client that I work with. Also, the anchors given help in grounding new positive thoughts (like a boat anchor) to new positive actions, reactions and behaviors.

Change is always happening in our Lives and since, most all changes, that we would like to change, happen in our subconscious, that is why Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy works so well and quickly. Not only, does it get to that subconscious level where old ways of thinking, feeling and reacting changes for the better – it also, reinforces changes through the personalized repetition, suggestions and visualization that is related to those issues being worked on.

Now, the not so easy part is finding those changes and then, making them happen while allowing them to become part of everyday life and this is why I absolutely Love being a Hypnotherapist – I get to be part of this amazing transformation that is being created as my clients quickly change for the better.

Change is good and through our own experiences most all of us have probably had and seen some pretty impactful changes happen during this past decade. I know, I have and most everyone I know, has had some real good changes, along with some bad ones and then, there are others that are just confused with the many people having such difficulties while, at the same time, others are thriving by doing the best they ever have.

These extreme contrasts are causing us to become even more aware of what others are going through and the difference in opinions are surely being expressed. Some of which are: “We are just going through another recession that will past soon” along with, “This is the worst economy since, the great depression” then, there are others that are saying “What recession?”

Does it seems to be all relative then and what about the Law of Attraction that says, “What we focus on happens Most” ? Well, what ever it is that we are going through, we will get through it, as we always have and there is no doubt that yes, there really is something going on out there and things are forever and always changing.

So, through all of these changes, what I am sensing about this new decade is that the theme is already becoming, not about me, I or you but about We – We as a whole. We have to continue to do things together and with Social media and sites like Facebook we have already been doing this for quite some time and we are getting more and more comfortable with sharing, commenting and expressing our feelings.

As more and more like minded people are connecting and we continue to comment, share and express ourselves in a Positive respectful way, not only does our own life continue to change for the better but those that engage with us, change for the better, as well.

Since, jumping right in, to embrace Social Media, as many others did, through Facebook, this whole past year ended up being a Social Media Networking training camp for me and it has been amazing.  How great is it that, we get the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful new way to connect with people all over the world where our lives can literally be changed in an instant.

Just think about the many ways your Life has changed for the better through Social Media and think about those people that helped you to change and also, those you helped to change in the process.

Through this past year, that is what I have focused on most – the importance of embracing the changes that are happening in your Life, and what I have discovered is that, I can not do it all my own. So, that is why I am now taking Social Media to the next level by really understanding how important it is to have a special networking group of friends – like minded people to rely on and get support and motivation from.

First, I found how this worked on a large scale through Facebook and now, I am learning how it can work on a smaller scale with what is being called a “tribe”.   An old term that is being used to describe a new type of online syndication tribe and the leader of this new tribe that I am involved in is Kimberly Castleberry and she explains it all very well at this link, right here with more information here

Also, I am having a great time getting to know some of the others that have joined our tribe and I am excited to share how they are making changes happen through the work they are doing, as well.  These are them, my new tribe buddies doing really great things so, you can just click on their names to see what they are doing for the Better:  Theresa Moss – doing some real Creative Marketing; Cindy Springsteen – is a Long Island Parenting Teen’s Examiner, very interesting;  David Merrill, helping  keep the Blues at Bay & some Powerful Online Marketing Tips; Kellie Frazier – Great Coaching through Connecting; Irene Sharon Hodes, the Foodie with a full appetite of Humor; Jacqueline GatesLiving Life Abundantly and helping others to know how, as well; Eugene Guilbaultblogging about the start of the New Year & what others are doing; Tracey Keefer offering Tips for your MLM and Susan DavisLiving Life Full Out & sharing it with You –

Lori Thomas

The Hypnovator

Phone Hypnotherapy Session Special for You –

To Celebrate and Appreciate all the Members of –

Motivative Hypnotherapy on Facebook and all the People who have received my Free e-book –

Go Within, Release Stress & Change for the Better Nowalso, available to You for Free on my website at:

At this time, I am offering a Phone Hypnotherapy Session Special –

~ Three Phone Hypnotherapy Sessions for the Price of Two ~

Three Phone Hypnotherapy Sessions are Better than one or two and with this Package, You will get the opportunity to experience Hypnotherapy at increasing levels that Release more Stress and Reinforce Your Changes as they begin and then, ultimately become part of Your everyday Life.

My Successful Phone Hypnotherapy Technique allows Clients to be in the comfort of their own home while enjoying this Wonderful Process that brings Calming Peace and Serenity as their Mind opens up more to find their own Changes, already there Within them, just waiting to be Changed more to the Better.

Many People know about Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy working for Weight Reduction or to Stop Smoking or using it for Habits, Fears and Phobias but it can work on several other issues, as well.

The Phone Hypnotherapy that I have been doing has also, helped my Clients with Pain Management, Building Confidence, Releasing Stress, Being more Successful, Memory Improvement, Sports Performance, Better Focus, Mild Depression, Sleeping Better, Fatigue, Frustration, Anger, Jealousy, Dealing with Grief and Loss and it even works to help improve Relationship Issues.

Right now, it seems several People are having Relationship Issues and lately, most of my Clients have come seeking help in dealing with some aspect of their Relationship with significant others.  Some of  these Clients are married, some single and some were having difficulty getting over a relationship, or finding a good healthy one and others, just wanted better communication and through the work that we did together, over the Phone, they were able to Change their old ways of responding, thinking and feeling to more beneficial, productive and positive ways, while becoming less stressed and much happier.

So, if you are looking for a better way to deal with some things that are going on in your Life right now, or you would just like to know more about how Phone Hypnotherapy can work for You –
I offer a Free No Obligation Phone Consultation

Since, this is the first time that I am offering this type of Special, I do not know how long it will be available and I will be booking Sessions at a  – first come, first serve basis.  So, You can just fill out and submit Your information above to get Your Free Consultation, Now –

What some Clients are saying about Phone Hypnotherapy:

“When I decided to try Hypnotherapy for my relationship issues and lack of motivation it was new to me and I did not know how Hypnotherapy over the Phone could work. It ended up being one of the best things I could do for myself.  The technique that Lori used, really helped to get me more motivated and, at the same time, I got rid of stress that was caused due to a breakup. I am really glad I took the time to do this for myself – it helped to reduce my stress and helped me stay motivated at work.” – Mike Spain

For more Testimonials, click here

The Hypnovator Radio Interview –

Self-Promotion that is Selfless since, ultimately it is about You, the most important Person in Your Life – Yes, You are the most important person in your Life and if not, well maybe, it is time to think about being that Person.  Life is so much better when you are your own M.I.P.

Now, more about how I can Motivate you more through the suggestions that I offer and also, about the Successful Phone Hypnotherapy that I have been doing…and a really good way to learn more about all of this, is to just listen to the Radio Interview that I recently did on Motivational Radio, an Internet Radio Station in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Doing this Interview was really fun and it is another reason why I Love Social Media so much since, I met Anthony Hosking, the Radio Station Manger of Motivational Radio on Facebook through of one of my Friends that I met through another friend and then, I loose track who that friend was…Facebook, bringing the Whole World closer together one Friend request connection, at a time. ( just came up with that saying about Facebook while writing this)

What made the interview so, fun was that – it is was not planned, it was off the cuff, an Impromptu type Interview and Anthony is really good at what he does over there – he is multi-talented and I found out we have more than a few things in common.

We talked about Social Media and how it is bringing more and more People together from all over the world and how it is Changing things for the Better. Also, we talked about Hypnotherapy, of course, and I found out that he, himself was a Hypnotist and his brother is one, as well. It also, sounds like he has some really good Shows and Interviews that he Broadcasts daily.

I do Hope that, if you decide to listen to the Interview, that it helps to Motivate You for the Better in a real Positive way with the Changes that you may be going through, at this time.

It seems, many of us are going through some real important and maybe, life altering Changes, right now and what we can do, to make it easier, is find a way to Release more Stress enabling us to cope Better and also, Realize the Good aspects that the Changes are bringing into our whole Life. (sometimes, really great Changes are even more stressful than, the not so great ones – just something to think about)

So, here is the information – The Interview, that aired Wednesday the 11th @ 4 PM PST & 7 PM EST is now archived on the Motivational Radio web site but you can listen to it now, by just clicking on this link:

More Motivation to You All –

Lori Thomas

The Hypnovator

The Interview below, in an mp3 audio:

Can Social Media Marketing Work for You?

Yes, it can and very well, if you use it along with other strategies to benefit what you want to accomplish at the time. There are so many social networking sites out there now and it has become an obsession for many, like myself and maybe You also have found it to be quite captivating.

Right now, Facebook is the main site where I do most of my socializing and networking. As many of you already know, it is very user friendly also fun and can be real exciting. I was able to catch up with so many old friends that I probably never would have ever talked to again in my whole life, if not for Facebook.

Also, not only have I met many wonderful new friends but I continue to meet more and more and network with them on a daily basis. Facebook has also opened up some real great opportunities for building my online Motivative Hypnotherapy Practice. Yes, Hypnotherapy online where I do Phone and Videos Sessions and also have created some great Stress Release products that I now offer free through this blog site.

Since I joined Facebook, I wrote an e-book“Go Within, Release Stress & Change for the Better Now” which I offer free when you sign up for it on this blog site, a site that I have also been working on building since joining Facebook. Not only have I gained new clients and much more knowledgeable about social but I am staying involved – I hardly ever watch T.V. anymore.

As The Hypnovator, I am here to Motivate you to Release more Stress to Change for the Better Now and on this blog site you are able to see all that I offer through my blog posts, my pages, my e-book, and my personal motivative videos all free to you right now.

Facebook does take time but as you can see, it has been one of the best investments of my time as it has created so many new and great opportunities for my personal life and my business. I also hope it is doing the same for you or it does when you decide to join.

Join Motivative Hypnotherapy on Facebook

Motivative Hypnotherapy

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Facebook Facts:

In April of this Year – Facebook stated, it now has:

*  More than 200 million active users

* More than 100 million users log on to Facebook at least once each day

* More than two-thirds of Facebook users are outside of college

* The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older

User Engagement –

* Average user has 120 friends on the site

* More than 5 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide)

* More than 30 million users update their statuses at least once each day

* More than 8 million users become fans of Pages each day

* More than 200 million active users
* More than 100 million users log on to Facebook at least once each day
* More than two-thirds of Facebook users are outside of college
* The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older
User Engagement
* Average user has 120 friends on the site
* More than 5 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide)
* More than 30 million users update their statuses at least once each day
* More than 8 million users become fans of Pages each day

Below are some more interesting facts that where taken from an online article that one of my friends posted on, you guessed it, Facebook –

The Day Facebook Changed Forever –


By Facebook’s estimates, every month users share 4 billion pieces of information–news stories, status updates, birthday wishes, and so on. They also upload 850 million photos and 8 million videos.

P. S.  I am really excited about continuing to build my blog site and would love to hear from you as you are able to leave comments in different sections of this site and I encourage you to do so and please do leave your own website address along with your comment, it is a great way to network.

If you are interested in getting a blog like this one, below is my own personal link to Non-Stop Social Media, the company that I used and will continue to use:

click on link below or copy and paste it into your browser

Holly Powell, the Owner of Non-Stop Social Media is great and she is very interested in your success. She is also very knowledgeable of all the latest marketing techniques that work really well.

Lori Thomas

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