As a Hypnotherapist, the main thing I talk about to clients and others, who want more information, is Releasing Stress and Change for the Better.  Change is good, right, and change for the better, is even better.

So, when I read “Outside the Box” an article, in The New Yorker, about the future of  Television and how Netflix and the Internet are affecting these big changes, it confirmed what I and many others already knew.

We also know that one of the best things, about these changes, is the flexiblity of when and how we watch the shows, programs and movies that we love.  I was also happy to read about what some of top Television industry people think and how they feel about these changes too.

Change is always taking place, it is inveitable, I love change and one of the best changes I made in my life is not having a TV or cable for almost three years now.  My life is much better because of that but don’t get me wrong, I love to watch many different TV programs, sitcoms and movies and I really appreciate the innovations that Netflix and Hulu and other on-demand internet streaming media sites have to offer.

I hope you already read or will read the article “Outside the Box” and you can let me know what you think about these important changes that are taking place, by replying in the comment section in the top right corner or below.

Here is the link to the article again – “Outside the Box

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Lori Thomas

The Hypnovator

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