“I first came to Lori with the hope of learning how to better deal with stress. I run my own business and the stress of that as well as a marriage and two small children was sometimes overwhelming. I began to have difficulty sleeping which just compounded the problem. Through hypnosis, Lori taught me how to calm and better focus my mind so I could be more productive at work and more attentive at home. What I have learned from her has helped my professional and personal life more than I think she realizes. I highly recommend her services to anyone dealing with issues related to stress and how to cope with it!”

–  Michael A. Mendoza, D.C. – California Chiropractic


I first came to Lori to work on my self esteem and my self image. After working with her, I could sense a difference in how I felt about myself, I had a stronger sense of Self worth  & Confidence.

It is important that people do not see this as an easy way out you still have to do the work for whatever it is that you want to achieve, but it is an extremely beneficial way, I feel, to go about it.

Lori has been a wonderful asset to me, she really cares about her clients and it shows.

I now have worked with her to ease stress about flying and plan on continuing our work with her weight loss program.
~  Shannon Squillante


I’ve smoked for 18 years and never could stay stopped. I’d tried to stop on my own and I felt like a failure when I  would start again.

The Hypnosis with Lori empowered me to not pick up a cigarette.  Emotionally, I felt like me just stronger.

No matter what happens to me now, I don’t need to smoke to calm me down.

–  Paula M.  age 34


Since Lori taught me Self-Hypnosis, I use it for many personal reasons in my life, it works well and it is very easy to do.  About 5 years ago, I had lost over 100 pounds on my own (by mostly changing my diet and being more active) but there was always a battle to keep it off and the Self-Hypnosis that I do now makes it easy to deal with.

Anthony D.  age 52


Handwriting Analysis Classes –

I have really enjoyed this class.  Lori made it fun and was very informative.                                                                                                   – Rebecca S.

Very informative, teacher was very knowledgeable.   – Robert B.

This class was great fun and I learned a lot.  Mostly, about myself. I found analyzing others’ handwriting to be the most helpful.  The class was informal – easy to ask questions.   –  Thank you, Mary R.

The class was very informative and beneficial for my work.

I have already used the lessons learned at work for determining employee honesty.

Great Class…wish it was longer!

–  Marilyn Harris


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