Guided Imagery

For Hypnotherapy and or Hypnosis to be affective, there must be some Imagery and or Visualization taking place in the mind. Visualization is the seeing of an activity in the mind but Imagery is experiencing the activity in the mind with all, most or some of the senses involved – actually doing it, as if being part of it.

Imagery is a right brain activity which means it is a creative process verses the left brain which is the analytical side. Imagery is a flexible approach that strengthens the Nero Pathways, the brain responders, so by using Guided Imagery one can practice in the mind seeing and doing what one wants to be, change or accomplished.

Here is an example of a Guided Imagery used during Hypnotherapy:

First, sit in a comfortable position and get relaxed by taking three deep breaths and then three more.

Now with your eyes closed, start to visualize or image in your mind being at your favorite place in the world.
This could be any place that is safe, calm, relaxing and beautiful – you decide where it is – or create it now.

It could be a place you have been before or a place that you want to visit or where you are right now – you decide.

Now, be there as you begin to feel the breeze, the air, as you smell the smells and hear the sounds around you.

What colors do you see, who is there with you, what animals or beings do you see or are you alone? – you decide.

What does the ground feel like, the air the water the trees, are there any trees, mountains, valleys or are you inside?

Now, what do you feel – the positive feelings inside your body?  Calm, relaxed, happy, free, joyous, peaceful, creative, focused, powerful, out of your body…

Keep feeling the positive while staying in this place – enjoy this brief time of solitude as your continue to be good to yourself.

Be aware of your breathing as you continue to take deep long breaths into you belly and exhale slowly as the mind drifts.

Enjoy this time as long as you possibly can with each deliberate and slow wonderful and powerful breath to the next one (take time here to just sit and become even more relaxed as you let your mind wonder from one wonderful thought to the next).

Now, start to come back to this place where you are in your body at this time and bring yourself here now back to the present.

Begin to open your eyes and feel your body where you are and count up from 0 to 5 – 0,1,2,3,4, and 5 eyes open wide awake.

You could have someone else read this to you or you could record it and play it back or even memorize it and say it to yourself but it is always so much better and more effective when you are professionally guided to this wonderful place.

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