Was 2012 a crazy year or what ? Everyone I know, including, myself has gone through so much. I have heard some wild things from friends, family and my clients. Huge life altering changes have been going on in people’s lives that left many of us wondering what and why is this happening. I have heard some unbelievable and amazing things that happened to change love and friend relationships, careers and family dynamics.

It seems, either we heard about the life altering changes happening to others, read about it, or we ourselves went through more than we read or heard about. There were times when I really did not know if I was going to make it through, seriously…it was a tough year.

How about you ? Maybe, you don’t even want to think about those tough times but the thing is, there are lessons to be learned through it all. You don’t have to rehash the difficult times but what did you learn from it all – That one thing that stands out from all the good and not so good things, from this past year, what was the main lesson ?

What I keep hearing from others and seeing for myself, is self love. We are learning to really put ourselves first. To really do it and doesn’t it feel so good ?

I was good at motivating my client’s to be the “most important person” in their own life but I was not doing it completely myself. Just like some of you, I had to go through my own problems, issues and craziness to get it. Now, I put myself first and things are “a changing” and I want to tell you more about how you can do this for yourself and keep doing it for yourself.

You have to first, release the stress that holds you back and then, get motivated to really apply self loving acts of kindness toward yourself.
This can all be done through Hypnotherapy and I do Phone Hypnotherapy Sessions so, you can be anywhere in the world to have a session via Skype or over the Phone.
To understand Hypnotherapy better and see client testimonials click the video link Here.

Here is the January offer for You –
Two Phone Hypnotherapy Sessions for the Price of less than one. You get Two Personalized Phone Sessions that Release Stress and together we work on motivation to put yourself first and work on the issues that you have been wanting to change for the better.

One Regular Priced Phone Session is $ 110.00 and I am lowering that to $77.00 and then, giving you an additional Phone Session for Free.
This New Year Special is only for the month of January and I am booking appointments already –

Get in on this Special Now so you can put yourself first and take care of you – be in a great place now to be able to take care of those other important people in your life even better.

When you take care of yourself first, all the other people in your life benefit from it, as well.

Two Phone Hypnotherapy Sessions for only $ 77.00

Call Now to get your Free Consultation and book your Sessions –

You can call toll free Now 1-877-272-9718

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