With Hypnotherapy, the Hypnotherapist is able to gain access to the subconscious part of the mind of the client who has given permission to do so.  This is done through motivative suggestions of guided imagery and visualization for the client to reference as they begin to relax into this deepened  calm state.

All of this is quite simple on the client’s part, nothing is asked of the client but to begin to get comfortable and begin to relax and listen to the positive calm suggestions that will be related to the issues that they want to work on.  Before the hypnosis begins, the client is encouraged to talk about their issues and or anything they would like.  Also, the client does not have to talk about anything if they choose because with hypnosis, the Hypnotherapist does not need to know the reasons why a client has an issue or even how their issue started.

You are in control while in hypnosis and you can do or saying anything you want to and even get up if you choose but all my clients report such a great feeling of relaxation that they just want to be calm and listen to the positive suggestions.  And no, we are not going to find out any deep dark secrets about you because you are not going to do or saying anything that you would not ordinarily do or say.  And yes, every client is counted up and out of  hypnosis to a conscious but still relaxed state before they leave.

As a Hypnotherapist, I become that motivative support that helps my clients see how they can help themselves toward their own positive change for the self-improvement that they are seeking.  I am also there to listen and see the change as they discover a wonderfully powerful part of themselves that they may not have ordinarily had the chance to explore.

So, you see, it is a simple way to get relaxed as you de-stress while being a positive and motivating way to be a better healthier person as it brings self-improvement.  Hypnotherapy has changed my life in so many positive ways and I love sharing this amazing modality as I continue to practice on the willing who desire positive change to occur in their lives.

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