Are there some things in Your Life that You would like to Change for the Better, right Now ?

Would you like to just feel Better, Sleep Better, have less Stress in Your Life, Now ?

Hypnotherapy and Phone Hypnotherapy works so well and quickly to Change those things in Your Life that you have been wanting to Change. Not only have I experienced this in my own Life but I have seen and continue to get to see how this amazing modality works to make Positive Change happen with all of my Clients.

Listed below are the most common Issues that Hypnotherapy and Phone Hypnotherapy works to Change, overcome and or eliminate:

Stress & Anxiety
Weight Reduction
Eating Disorders
Stop Smoking
Test Anxiety
Habit Control
Build Confidence
Motivation Skills
Assertive Skills
Fears & Phobias
Anger Management
Guilt and Frustration
Memory Improvement
Relationship Improvement
Goal Enhancement
Sports Performance
*Pain Management
*Mild Depression

*Some may require a Medical or Psychological Referral

Most of us have probably heard about People using Phone Psychics to know what Changes may be occurring in their Future but not quite as many, have heard about how Hypnotherapy Sessions over the Phone work to allow Positive Changes to happen the way you would like them to.

Phone Hypnotherapy Sessions take place in your own environment, at home, which automatically makes you more comfortable and since, you initially will be listening only – it allows all your other senses to become heightened, as well.

When You are more comfortable and all your senses are heightened, that enables you to go deeper into the subconscious part of your mind where change takes place. And that is all Hypnotherapy is really – just a deepened state of Relaxation, that enables more access to the subconscious part of your mind.

Did You know that Your Positive Changes are already there inside You just waiting to be Released ? Well, they are and that is why Hypnotherapy works so quickly. You already know your own individual answers to those questions about your Changes for the Better and Hypnotherapy just reminds you and confirms what they are.

Also, if you are not quite ready to look at those answers, Hypnotherapy can motivate You to get more Ready and the Stress Release it brings allows You to find those Changes within Yourself, easily and very quickly.

Now, if you would like to know what is going on in your Mind while in a Hypnotherapy Session, or a theory about what is taking place – my Video “A Theory to Think About” explains that Better for you.

Just watch the Video below, to know more about a Theory of Your Mind –
Here is a link to the Video:

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Are you ready to really be your own M.I.P. and Change some of those things that you have been wanting to Change for the Better ? Then, Here is Your Offer, that I am offering You, right Now -

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Lori Thomas
The Hypnovator

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