Throughout the last six weeks, I have been blogging about some of the things that I know best about – Stress Release and Change for the Better.

Stress is one thing that I have lots of experience dealing with and I actually use to think stress was a good thing – having stress and drama kept me going and busy during my early 20’s and 30’s. To me, it was cool to be so busy that you did not even have time for yourself – just do and do, go and go and stay busy, no matter way.

Of course, when we are are younger, it is more natural to be this way – work hard and play harder but when you don’t have some balance, you do end up paying for it. We see it all the time, with busy people that eventually burn out and get so sick, it forces them to take a break and then, they have to make some big changes in their Life.

Eight and a half years ago, this is what happened to me, all the stress that had been building over the years, finally made me so sick, I ended up in the emergency room in tremendous pain with lots of fear. It took several of the ten days, I was in the Hospital, for the doctors to even figure out what was wrong and then, more days to decide what they where going to do about my situation.

Since, I was not able to sleep much, the whole time there, I had lots of time to think while taking somewhat of a break from everyday life. This was a much needed break that I had been forced to take and it was not a fun one, as you might imagine. But more than anything, I just knew, I was going to be alright and get through it so, I could make some really big changes in my Life.

As long as I can remember, I had always been into being healthy and staying fit and up to this point, I had never really ever been sick but, at the same time, I was unaware of the effects that stress can have on the body, mind, soul and spirit.

So, through this illness and the surgery that made me better, I was forced to learn the hard way by enduring a lot of pain and suffering in the hospital and through five months of recovery.

While in the hospital, I ended up having to take some really strong drugs that made me even more sick but the one that I was most thankful for, was morphine – that drug is quite amazing and works wonders for pain. Now, I understand how, if taken too long and not regulated, that drug can be so very addictive. It was a rather strange process, after leaving the hospital and coming off of it and it got a bit scary one night, when I thought I had bugs crawling up my sleeves.

So, this whole, life altering, experience started me on my journey to get as much Stress out of my Life as possible. I went through years of trying different alternative methods and many things worked well but nothing and I mean nothing, has worked as quickly, easily and efficiently as Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

When I started going to school to become a Hypnotherapist, my Life began to change in big leaps and huge bounds. As I first started working on my self and then, others – I got the chance to experience, with all of my senses, (and some new senses that I learned how to use) the effects that this amazing modality has to offer.

Working with my clients, I also discovered how well, quickly and affective Phones Sessions can be – doing Hypnotherapy over the phone, in the comfortable of your own home. I love doing Phone Sessions and the results so far, have been so wonderfully effective and extremely positive.

I can’t talk enough about how wonderful Hypnotherapy is for Releasing Stress and Changing your Life for the Better and if you would like more proof, you can read my previous posting at these links below:

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Now, what my hope for You is that you give it a chance so, you can know what I know and what my clients know. If you are ready to Release more Stress in your Life so, you can Change for the Better and or, if you are ready to work on some Issues that you would like to Change to the Positive or maybe, even get rid of all together, then this
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Since, Three Sessions are better than one or two for more reinforcement to make a Better You, I am offering:

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The Power to Change, is in Your own Hands…

The Power is in Your Own Hands -

Lori Thomas

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