The Love of your Life is out there waiting to find you too. Learn how to start attracting them into your life, now. Learn how to open your heart, mind and soul more to allow the love of your life or and your soul mate to get closer to you.

Even though, we really do want love and we do want to be happy sometimes, we do things subconsciously that block it from happening. This is not something that we do on purpose and since, it is occurring in the subconscious part of the mind, many of us are not even aware that it is going on. The subconscious part of the mind is where we store our beliefs that are based on things and events that have happened in the past. These past things and events become what we know and believe to be the real truth about our life.

So, this is why we may be blocking things from occurring in our life now, based on past events that where negative. If we do not want to get hurt again, we fear rejection or if we do not want to end up stuck in another smoothing relationship, we fear commitment and sometimes we end up thinking that we just do not deserve to be happy.

These beliefs in our subconscious, can block love from happening and then, when it does arrive, we do not know how to allow it to happen. But the good news is that these old past beliefs can be changed and unblocked through, guided imagery and visualization allowing you to start having what you really want.

For the past four years, I have specialized in relationship improvement and now, more than ever, I see that people are searching for the one and or their soul mate, that one person who will complete them. The motivative phone techniques that I use work and they can help you to change your thinking to be able to start attracting the love of your life now.

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