Back in July of 2009 – Glen Beck had Stage Hypnotist, John Cerbone on, a short segment of, his show and I did have a link to that video clip, that was on YouTube, but it seems to have been taken off all together for some reason.  It was titled, Glenn Beck Uses Hypnotist To Save America From President.

Found the original video Clip again, right Here: click Here

If the clip becomes no longer available, again – I have added a link below to one of John Cerbone’s own YouTube videos of him doing Stage Hypnosis.  It is there at the link below to give a better reference into what I am talking about in relation to the contrasts I am making.  It is a long video – so, you really only have to watch a bit of it to see some of  the things he does as a Stage Hypnotist.

click this link right here to see video

After you watch some of this video, just click the back button to get back Here –

First of all, Congratulations goes to Hypnotist John Cerbone, The Trance-Master, for his appearance on The Glen Beck Show, a great step in his career and I think he did a real fine job with what little time he had to work with.  Exposure is good and his appearance on this show has added more to the idea of people using Hypnosis for themselves.

So, thanks John for exposing Hypnosis more and thanks Glen for having him on your show.

As a Hypnotherapist, I do see more and more people are, not only, using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, they are also accepting it as an alternative therapy. The positive results they are receiving show proof that this stuff really does work well and quickly as it changes them for the better.

Hypnosis is most commonly known to work well for trying to quit smoking and also, lesser known, for reducing weight but there are so many other things it can work for.  It can also help in releasing stress, changing bad habits and negative thoughts, eliminating fears and phobias, building confidence, working on obsessions and addictions, as well as, increasing motivation and more.

Since I believe most everyone already has within them what is required to change, one of the first things I do with all my clients is address their stress level.  Then, I assist them through motivation to release unwanted stress enabling them to go within finding their own positive changes that are already there just waiting for them.

Now, some of the main reasons I became The Hypnovator is to inform those, who do want change, about how well Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can work and how amazingly beneficial it can be and most importantly, to clarify some misconceptions. So, when I see videos like this one above I do get excited about the exposure but I also feel that it still may be sending out some of the same old misconceptions about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – that it will put you to sleep where you can be controlled and you will do anything that you are told and maybe even reveal some secrets about yourself.

I realize that Glen was having fun with the situation but I feel John, on the other hand, was really wanting to show what he is famous for, by inducing trance quickly.  John too is well know for his Stage Hypnosis, I did check out his site and some of his videos on YouTube and he is really good and does know what Hypnosis is all about.  Also, from what was discussed about John Hypnotizing someone that works at Fox, he obviously, uses Hypnosis as a therapy, as well.

Stage Hypnosis is much different than Hypnotherapy and it seems a lot of misconceptions are still coming from what people see at these types of  shows and hear about them.  Stage Hypnosis is usually about entertaining and getting people to do funny silly things to make the audience laugh and you might agree, seeing people act this way can be pretty comical.

Stage Hypnotists have gotten good through repetition and they know instantly who the most suggestible people are in the crowd and those are usually the brave ones willing to get up on stage, in the first place.  Also, they have mastered their techniques to work to their own advantage in getting these people to do what they tell them to do.

They can be real entertaining and I am not knocking them as I do enjoy watching some of them but the Hypnotherapy that I do and most other Hypnotherapist do has nothing to do with controlling other people and making them do silly things.

As a Hypnotherapist, I help and motivate those who have come seeking positive change in their lives.  I do make suggestions through the use of visualization and guided imagery but I motivate in changing only what a client has told me that they want to change.  We talk cognitively, out loud, before the Hypnosis part of the session and clients only reveal what they want me to know and all is discussed in complete confidence.  Then, the Hypnosis part is used as an avenue to take clients into a deepened state of relaxation to open up the subconscious part of the mind more where change occurs.

So, as The Hypnovator, I am here to motivate You and help You understand more about Hypnotherapy and Your mind and like John, I use my voice and don’t use a watch or a pendulum or any other Hypnotist type object thing.

Lori Thomas

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