Hypnosis Motivates…

Hypnovate Self-Improvement

By Motivating Positive Change, Hypnotherapist, Lori Thomas enables You to help Yourself to achieve the Self-Improvement that You are seeking in Your life.  Using Guided Imagery and Visualization, she tailors various subconsciously guided suggestions related to each issue of concern in Your Life.

Hypnotherapy works on most issues that originate in the subconscious and that is where they will be changed for the better, in the subconscious – where change is able to happen quickly.

Stress & Anxiety
Weight Reduction
Eating Disorders
Stop Smoking
Test Anxiety
Habit Control
Build Confidence
Motivation Skills
Assertive Skills
Fears & Phobias
Anger Management
Guilt and Frustration
Memory Improvement
Relationship Improvement
Goal Enhancement
Sports Performance
*Pain Management

*Some may require a Medical or Psychological Referral

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