Self-Promotion that is Selfless since, ultimately it is about You, the most important Person in Your Life – Yes, You are the most important person in your Life and if not, well maybe, it is time to think about being that Person.  Life is so much better when you are your own M.I.P.

Now, more about how I can Motivate you more through the suggestions that I offer and also, about the Successful Phone Hypnotherapy that I have been doing…and a really good way to learn more about all of this, is to just listen to the Radio Interview that I recently did on Motivational Radio, an Internet Radio Station in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Doing this Interview was really fun and it is another reason why I Love Social Media so much since, I met Anthony Hosking, the Radio Station Manger of Motivational Radio on Facebook through of one of my Friends that I met through another friend and then, I loose track who that friend was…Facebook, bringing the Whole World closer together one Friend request connection, at a time. ( just came up with that saying about Facebook while writing this)

What made the interview so, fun was that – it is was not planned, it was off the cuff, an Impromptu type Interview and Anthony is really good at what he does over there – he is multi-talented and I found out we have more than a few things in common.

We talked about Social Media and how it is bringing more and more People together from all over the world and how it is Changing things for the Better. Also, we talked about Hypnotherapy, of course, and I found out that he, himself was a Hypnotist and his brother is one, as well. It also, sounds like he has some really good Shows and Interviews that he Broadcasts daily.

I do Hope that, if you decide to listen to the Interview, that it helps to Motivate You for the Better in a real Positive way with the Changes that you may be going through, at this time.

It seems, many of us are going through some real important and maybe, life altering Changes, right now and what we can do, to make it easier, is find a way to Release more Stress enabling us to cope Better and also, Realize the Good aspects that the Changes are bringing into our whole Life. (sometimes, really great Changes are even more stressful than, the not so great ones – just something to think about)

So, here is the information – The Interview, that aired Wednesday the 11th @ 4 PM PST & 7 PM EST is now archived on the Motivational Radio web site but you can listen to it now, by just clicking on this link:

More Motivation to You All –

Lori Thomas

The Hypnovator

The Interview below, in an mp3 audio:

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