Isn’t is Great when you get a really good night’s sleep where you sleep through the whole night, waking up feeling rested, ready to take on the day ahead ? There are those who have experienced this and know how wonderful it can be and many of those people, would like it to happen more consistently. Then, there many others that don’t even know what it would be like to have this happen in their Life.

Sleeping is one of the Most Important things that we do that affects our whole mind and body. It can change your entire Life when you are able to fall asleep faster and sleep through the night and then, when you are able to remember some of your dreams, that is an added bonus.

Yes, we know being able to sleep better is very important and beneficial for us but the most important things that it affects are – The Immune system, The Nervous system, Brain Cell Repair and Hormone Release:

The Immune System – “Sleep is essential to the immune system. Without adequate sleep, the immune system becomes weak, and the body becomes more vulnerable to infection and disease.”

Nervous System – “Sleep is also a time of rest and repair to neurons. Neurons are the freeways of the nervous system that carry out both voluntary commands, like moving your arm, and involuntary commands, like breathing and digestive processes.”

Brain cellular repair, replenishment and growth – “Recent studies have suggested that sleep downtime of the brain, so active during the day, may replenish dwindling energy stores that cells need to function, repair cellular damage caused by our busy metabolism, and even grow new nerve cells in the brain.”
Source: American Psychological Association

Hormone Release – “Many hormones, substances produced to trigger or regulate particular body functions, are timed to release during sleep or right before sleep. Growth hormones, for example, are released during sleep, vital to growing children but also for restorative processes like muscle repair.”

To see where I found this important information about the Immune System, the Nervous System, Brain Cell Repair and Hormones – Click this link HERE, then, you can click back to continue reading.

Also, something that I learned a while back, is that Rest and Sleeping reduces the Stress Hormone, Cortisol and having lower levels of Cortisol in your body, is very important for fat loss.
I researched this further and according to Natasha Turner, ND at this link – Truestar

“Cortisol controls our appetite, often making us feel hungry even when we have eaten enough. It also raises blood sugar and insulin levels and results in increased fat deposition around the abdomen. To further complicate the situation, high cortisol can negatively affect our sleep patterns, making it difficult to fall or stay asleep when we finally do go to bed. This increase in stress hormone also has detrimental effects on other aspects of our endocrine system, like thyroid gland function which governs our metabolism.”

So, are you getting enough Sleep ?

“Sleep deprivation occurs when you are not sleeping the right amount for your individual needs. Sometimes sleep deprivation is short term, like a college student pulling an all nighter. Chronic sleep deprivation often occurs in professions who work long hours, caregivers with multiple responsibilities, a concurrent sleep disorder or another disease that interferes with sleep. If you are falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, regularly need an alarm clock to wake up, or feel the need for frequent naps during the day, it is very likely you are sleep deprived.”

Other signs you may be suffering from sleep deprivation include:

– difficulty waking up in the morning
– poor performance in school, on the job, or in sports
– increased clumsiness
– difficulty making decisions
– falling asleep during work or class
– feeling especially moody or irritated

“Sleep deprivation can be dangerous not only to you but others, since it affects motor skills like driving. Chronic sleep deprivation is also thought to cause long term changes to the body, which contribute to increased risk or obesity, diabetes and heart disease.”

All of this Sleep derivation information was taken from the prior source above at this link Here

Below are some great suggestions, techniques, and modalities that you can do and use to get you more Motivated to make the Changes that will have You Sleeping Better, quickly:

– Learn to Breath Better, which helps you to Release more Stress
– Taking more time for Your Self to be Your Most Important Person
– Exercise ~ Working out, Walking, Sports, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates
– Eating more Clean & Healthy & avoiding Caffeine, Sugar and Gluten
– Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Energy work, Reiki,
– Bio Feedback, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
– Mediation, Self Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy

Also, what you are sleeping on is very important and it is true what they say about getting a new mattress after 8-10 years. I know this from first hand experience, we recently got a new bed and it has made such a difference in the way my body and mind feelings in the morning. We didn’t even realize how bad the old mattress had gotten until we slept on the new mattress the first few nights. It was amazing how much better the new bed felt to sleep on, it felt like heaven compared to our old mattress. Also, my whole bedroom feels better, with the old energy of the old mattress gone, even the sound of the silence is Better.

When you Sleep Better, your whole Life gets Better and also, you start to remember more of your Dreams which helps you understand how your individual dreams are symbolic to the Changes going on in your Life.

My next blog posting will talk about the Three Stages of Dreams and how each stage plays a part in the progression of Changing your Issues to the Better.

As stated before, when you Release more Stress, you are able to Sleep better and Sleeping Better affects your whole Life in many Positive ways.

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