They really do and they are extremely important in the Process of making Positive Changes happen in your Life – They really are…

They say most everybody does dream when they sleep – Are you able to remember your dreams ?

Did you know that when you Sleep Better, you are not only able to remember your dreams Better but you are also, able to go through the full stages of dreaming. There are three stages and all of them are important in the process of changing your issues in your life to the Better.

When you sleep, you go through three or four Sleeping cycles and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is the time during those stages when we are dreaming. During REM you are also, able to experience these three very important Stages of Dreaming.

Now, if you have a hard time remembering your dreams, not to worry – they still are probably happening and still are having a powerful and beneficial effect subconsciously on the changes happening in your Life.

The First Stage of Dreaming , the least important is the Wishful Thinking Stage, where you work on making the things happen in your Life that you are desiring to happen.

The Second Stage, is the Precognitive Stage, where you dream of things you think might happen or that you predict or feel might happen in your Life. It is also, the problem solving stage where you are sorting out things in your Life.

The Third Stage, and most important, is the Venting Stage where you are able to vent out those things that you no longer need in your Life. Since, it is the last stage, it contains the dreams that you remember the most. So, if you wake up in the morning and remember having some nightmares, it really is a good thing since, you were probably working on letting go of the energy and feelings that the nightmare represented.

When you are able to remember you dreams better, you can also, understand the significance of them better by analyzing them using Dream Therapy. Most everything in your dreams either has a Literal meaning or a Symbolic meaning and Dream Therapy can break down the content of your dreams in relation to what is going on in your Life.

So, first of all for Dream Therapy to work, of course, you have to be able to remember some of your dreams and as stated above, Sleeping better will help you remember your Dreams better and one of the best things that helps with both Sleeping and Dreaming better, is Hypnotherapy.

Since, Hypnotherapy instantly allows you to release more stress, you are able to rest better, the less stress you have in your Life, the better you Sleep. Also, during a Hynotherapy session we are able to reinforce the Venting process that happens in the third stage of dreaming. This is done, by giving you reinforcement suggestions that you will be able to fall sleep faster and sleep through the night and be able to Vent out those things that you no longer need in your last Stage of Dreaming.

To analysis a Dream, you ask yourself Questions about your Dream:

1. What stage did the dream occur ?
2. Was it Psychological or Physiological ?
3. What is the Timing – Past, Present or Future ?
4. Go over the Content that you remember by Separating the Literal from the Symbolic:

Here is where you can make a split chat on paper to separate the Literal Content from the Symbolic content. The Literal, on the left side, is the content that is a given or the obvious things in your life. Like if you had a dream about your dog and you have a dog, that would be literal and if you don’t have a dog – the dog, in you dream would be symbolic – meaning that it presents something different in your Life. Then, write the symbolic content on the right side.

After you do the list, you ask yourself questions about the literal meaning and the symbolic meaning and how they relate to each other. If you have a dream about using a gun and you do not have a gun, then, that gun could represent control over someone or something.

Now, using the content, the meanings and your own intuition into the meanings – start to build a story about what your dream is telling you.

Keep going and ask yourself the rest of these questions below:

5. What are your emotions and feelings that you have about your dream ?
6. Start saying your dream back to yourself – where you venting out stuff that you no longer need to deal with ?
7. Now, think about what triggered your dream – what happened in your Life, that was like this Dream ?

Remembering, your Dreams and analysis them is good therapy that can really enhance the positive changes that are happening in your Life. I love to Dream and that is one of the reasons, I enjoy Sleeping so much –

My next Post will explain how Hypnotherapy and Phone Hypnotherapy works not only to Release more Stress enabling you to Sleep Better so that you can remember more of your Dreams but also, how to Change your issues to the Better.

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